Frank Hegyi

Los Angeles

Staff Me Up

Welcome to my cinematography portfolio site (I made it myself!). I've been a professional cameraman for roughly ten years. I live in Los Angeles and shoot a lot of reality tv, concert films, and corporate web content.

My passion project is an educational youtube channel I launched in 2018 with an hour long science documentary about marine biology in Antarctica. It included a 6 week trip to Palmer Station and was funded by the National Science Foundation. I enjoy narrative work, but documentary is my passion because it gives me the chance to see things I'd never see otherwise.

After graduating from college, I spent four years producing online classes for Harvard Medical School. It wasn't the most exciting job, but now I have a lot of random knowledge about pharmaceutical drug development. I'm sure that will come in handy at some point. (It did: covid vaccine trial explainer)


    Reality TV
  • Married at First Sight (Lifetime) - Assistant Camera
  • Total Models (E!) - Assistant Camera
  • A Very Brady Renovation (HGTV) - Camera PA
  • No Passport Required (PBS) - PA
  • Food Paradise (Travel) - PA
  • Man v Food (Travel) - PA
  • American Ninja Warrior (NBC) - PA
  • Aloud Live in Lompoc - Cam Op
  • Holidays at Hendricks (PBS) - Cam Op
  • Boston Philharmonic Orchestra - Cam Op
  • Cambridge Symphony Orchestra - Cam Op
  • Melrose Symphony Orchestra - Cam Op
  • Rivers Symphony Orchestra - Cam Op
  • Aly Youranday Live at The Mint - Cam Op
  • Ben Spivak Live at The Mint - Cam Op
  • Casey Ahern Live at The Mint - Cam Op
  • Marcus Reznik Live at The Mint - Cam Op
  • HugoJojo Live at The Mint - Cam Op
  • Piper Hays Live at The Mint - Cam Op
  • Dizzy Box Nine Live at The Mint - Cam Op
  • Indiana Bradley Live at The Mint - Cam Op
  • Freedoms Music Live at The Mint - Cam Op
  • Janaesound Live at The Mint - Cam Op
  • Insomniac by School for Robots (Music Video) - Director
  • Ridin' by Mellow Bravo (Music Video) - Director
  • Taxidermy Song by Cancer Killing Gemini (Music Video) - Director
  • Bent Knee Live at Davis Square Theater - Director
  • Strange Changes Live in Studio - Director
  • Dirty Names Live at The Middle East - Cam Op
  • Bear Logic Live at The Middle East - Cam Op
  • Cancer Killing Gemini Live at The Middle East - Cam Op
  • School for Robots Live at Brass Union - Cam Op
  • Neil Olmstead Live in Studio - Cam Op
  • Ben Zander Masterclass - Cam Op
    Narrative (Shorts)
  • The Ritual (Directed by Dan Schwartz) - DP
  • Que Sera Sera (Directed by Dan Schwartz) - DP
  • Caramel (DP Hark Xu, USC Graduate Thesis Film) - 2nd AC
  • The Dregs (DP Adam Van Voorhis) - 1st AC
  • The Sympathy Card (DP Amanda McGrady) - Key Grip
  • A/S/L (DP Adam Van Voorhis) - Grip
"Your website looks like it's from 1992." - Dan Schwartz
"Correct." - Frank Hegyi
"You should use a squarespace template. People would take you more seriously." - Dan Schwartz
"I refuse." - Frank Hegyi