Frank Hegyi

Los Angeles

Gear List (Canon C300 MKIII, Canon C70, and more)

Shooting Reel

Directed by me

Life at Palmer Station, Antarctica
My passion project is an educational youtube channel called Unaccredited. I launched it in 2018 with an hour long science documentary about marine biology in Antarctica. It included a 6 week trip to Palmer Station, funded by the National Science Foundation.

How Does the Moderna Vaccine ACTUALLY Work?
I spent 4 years shooting online classes for Harvard Medical School, so I have a lot of random knowledge about pharmaceutical drug development.


  • Married at First Sight (Lifetime) - Assistant Camera
  • Total Models (E!) - Assistant Camera
  • Brother Vs Brother (HGTV) - Assistant Camera
  • Design Star (HGTV) - DIT
  • Cal Fire (Discovery) - DIT
  • Food Network Kitchen (Streaming) - DIT
  • Generation Genius (Streaming) - DIT
  • A Very Brady Renovation (HGTV) - Camera PA
  • No Passport Required (PBS) - PA
  • Food Paradise (Travel) - PA
  • Man v Food (Travel) - PA
  • American Ninja Warrior (NBC) - PA
  • Holidays at Hendricks (PBS) - Cam Op
  • Aloud Live in Lompoc - Cam Op
  • Boston Philharmonic Orchestra - Cam Op
  • Cambridge Symphony Orchestra - Cam Op
  • Melrose Symphony Orchestra - Cam Op
  • Rivers Symphony Orchestra - Cam Op
  • Aly Youranday Live at The Mint - Cam Op
  • Ben Spivak Live at The Mint - Cam Op
  • Casey Ahern Live at The Mint - Cam Op
  • Marcus Reznik Live at The Mint - Cam Op
  • HugoJojo Live at The Mint - Cam Op
  • Piper Hays Live at The Mint - Cam Op
  • Dizzy Box Nine Live at The Mint - Cam Op
  • Indiana Bradley Live at The Mint - Cam Op
  • Freedoms Music Live at The Mint - Cam Op
  • Janaesound Live at The Mint - Cam Op
  • Insomniac by School for Robots (Music Video) - Director
  • Ridin' by Mellow Bravo (Music Video) - Director
  • Taxidermy Song by Cancer Killing Gemini (Music Video) - Director
  • Bent Knee Live at Davis Square Theater - Director
  • Strange Changes Live in Studio - Director
  • Dirty Names Live at The Middle East - Cam Op
  • Bear Logic Live at The Middle East - Cam Op
  • Cancer Killing Gemini Live at The Middle East - Cam Op
  • School for Robots Live at Brass Union - Cam Op
  • Neil Olmstead Live in Studio - Cam Op
  • Ben Zander Masterclass - Cam Op
    Narrative (Shorts)
  • Ritual (Boston Independent Film Festival) - DP
  • For Rosa (HBO Latino) - 1st AC
  • Que Sera Sera (Directed by Dan Schwartz) - DP
  • Caramel (DP Hark Xu, USC Graduate Thesis Film) - 2nd AC
  • The Dregs (DP Adam Van Voorhis) - 1st AC
  • The Sympathy Card (DP Amanda McGrady) - Key Grip
  • A/S/L (DP Adam Van Voorhis) - Grip

And I used to be a drummer.